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Monte Vista High School

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    Welcome mv Class of 2025



    Let's Talk!  

    Step 1-  Student talks with Teacher

    Step 2  Student and Parent talks with Teacher

    Step 3  Student and Parent talks with Counselor 

    Step 4  Student and Parent talks with Teacher, Counselor and Assistant Principal 

    Step 5  Student and Parent meets with Teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal and Principal

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    What is your passion? What do you want to do for a career? Do you know what it means to be College and Career Ready? Can you have a successful career without college? Find the answers to all of these questions and more on our district College and Career Readiness webpage. You will also find information on Career Technology Education (CTE) and CollegeConnect programs.

    Visit the Monte Vista College and Career Website 

    Visit the SRVUSD College & Career webpages. 

    The details about reopening Monte Vista High School are gathered here for your review and may answer some questions you have for the declaration process.   We will keep this information up to date on the front page of the MV Website.   In addition, the SRVUSD ReOpening webpage is a great resource for more detailed information.  Please know that students, staff and visitors at Monte Vista are expected and required to follow all rules and regulations. You will recognize some safety protocols are now social norms. Please keep in mind that all rules are subject to change pending Contra Costa County and SRVUSD directives.



    1- Recording of Superintendent Malloy talking about Health/Safety during the Town Hall Meeting:


    2- Recording of Dr. Ahern at the Academic Boosters Meeting.  His presentation starts at 3 minute mark.  


    3- The district sent out a FAQ clarification on 11/9 that answers many of the same questions we are seeing at Monte Vista.  




    We will add and edit this document as questions come up in community meetings.  Here are some answers to common questions about returning to campus:


    Is there a summary of the choice between Hybrid and Remote?  Please review the Return to Campus PDF by Dr. Ahern with sample schedules and Q&A.  


    Is there a daily health form?  Yes.  The current draft is available.  Families will follow this process before students come on campus. Daily Attestation Health Form 


    What happens when a student goes home sick?  Do they need a COVID test?  Do they quarantine?  SRVUSD with the help of CCH has put together a Decision Tree for Return to Campus.  


    Will students be able to socialize with their friends?   Yes, but with a distance of 6 feet between each person and masks on. Groups cannot be larger than 6 people.


    What happens if a student doesn’t wear a mask?   The student will be asked to put on a mask. If they continue to not wear a mask, families will be contacted and students will be asked to leave campus. A meeting with the family and administration to discuss next steps will be scheduled.


    How do we know what option to choose for the second semester?   This is a family decision and you must consider the pros and cons to remote or hybrid. MVHS and SRVUSD are trying to be as transparent as possible to inform you of what school will look like in both settings. 


    Will my schedule/teachers change?   There is a chance there will be changes to your schedule and teachers. The priority is for students to keep the classes they signed up for. Pending the declaration results from families, and evaluating teacher scenarios, we will do our best to minimize student disruptions of schedules. But schedules may change. This is important to understand. 


    Can I choose what days I come to campus in the hybrid model?   No. Students will be assigned cohorts and days to attend school. We are planning on  placing students in cohorts by their last name; however, the declaration results will fully determine how we group students.


    Can a student play sports and do remote school?   Yes. Regardless of hybrid or online, MVHS students can participate in MVHS Athletics (and clubs or student body events). All rules set forth by coaches and advisors must be adhered to. Please visit the MVHS Website for more information. 


    What is being done to limit gatherings on campus?  MVHS has stickers and painted markings to remind students of social distance requirements.  MVHS staff will be monitoring the hallways and grounds along with dismissing students slowly from class.   Students will need to be patient as we adhere to single occupancy numbers for restrooms and other small spaces.  All classrooms are redesigned to accommodate 6 feet of distance between students.


    Will there be times students do not need to wear a mask?   Students can take their mask off when they are eating or drinking. There is also the potential for mask breaks for students; however, this will be at the discretion of staff members. Students will need to follow their teacher’s policies regarding when masks can be removed for a break/snack/drink in a classroom. Some aspects of Physical Education classes will allow for students to not wear a mask. PE teachers will instruct students accordingly regarding when students can and cannot wear masks. 


    What are some major differences between last year’s in-person school and this year’s in-person school?   The major differences are: Students will have to wear a mask and stay six feet apart at all times. Student desks will be arranged for proper distancing. Students will not be able to gather in classrooms, including at the door waiting for the bell to ring. Instruction will be altered as there are no more table groups; group work will most likely be digital. Student body activities will be minimal and only approved if they meet the guidelines. Also, we know students like to give hugs and handshakes to one another; however, these actions cannot occur at this time.


    How is Physical Education going to work on campus?   Our Physical Education teachers will be working together to provide approved activities that promote lifelong fitness and team and individual sports. Elective Physical Education classes could be combined to give students the most well-rounded education and healthy lifestyle. At this time, students will not be using the locker room; however, they must wear clothes that allow them to be active, including appropriate shoes for physical activity. Remember, the Spring Semester usually has many rainy days and teachers will be flexible with teaching locations.


    How will Music classes operate?   Music classes (band, orchestra, and choir) will have specific guidelines to follow.  These guidelines will be explained and enforced by the teaching staff. 


    What are the restrictions for Science classes?   Due to safety concerns and proper supervision, activities and labs that involve chemicals, glass, heat, etc. will not be scheduled. This decision is due to the social distance requirements. Hands-on activities in Science (not involving chemicals, glass, heat, etc.) will require that all objects touched by students are sanitized between student contacts. 


    Will people be able to access the main office?   Students and Parents will be able to complete business via windows with the attendance and bookkeeping offices as we have done all semester. Social distance markers will indicate areas people can stand and must be followed. We will not be allowing student lunches to be dropped off; students must come to school prepared for the day. 


    What if my student needs ice, rest, a bandage?    All minor aches and pains will be cared for in the classroom.   Students and families should be mindful during the Daily Attestation Health process so that a student is not going to school with any symptoms.  Students leaving campus early due to not feeling well will need to complete a re-entry process and follow the steps to confirm they are able to return on campus. 


    Where can my student go if stressed and anxious and needs a break from class?    There is a new Wellness Center being created in the Workday Student Center and staffed by the Counseling Team. Students will not be entering the front office to rest in the sick room.  


    Will I be able to drop off lunch for my student:   No. Campus is closed to visitors.  Students must come to school prepared for the day, and that includes lunch. No delivery services like DoorDash will be allowed on campus either. This is for everyone’s safety. 


    Will there be access to the counseling office?   Yes, however students will need an appointment to enter through the counseling office door. Counselors are going to continue virtual sign-ups and meetings as well.


    Will Traffix sell bus passes for Monte Vista routes?   Yes.  We are awaiting details. 


    Will MVHS sell parking passes for those choosing Hybrid?    Yes.  Parking Passes go on sale 12/8 to Seniors followed by Juniors and Sophomores.  

    Please Review the following Safety Rules:

    BY-LAW:  Fire Lanes Must Be Clear At All Times.  Not to be used for pick-up, drop off or parking.  This is considered a civil code violation.



    • We have closed off the parking lot by off the horseshoe to all drop-off traffic. ONLY VEHICLES DISPLAYING A CURRENT STAFF PARKING PASS will be allowed to enter this area.  This is not a visitor parking area or drop off zone.  
    • Visitor parking spots are located in the front 2 rows of the lot by the large gym.  
    • To park, students and visitors should enter the school at the signal.  
    • Additionally, parents and students should not be using the fire lane blocking the exit lane(s).   This fire lane is meant for emergency vehicles and quick exit of traffic from the lot.  


    • Pedestrians should always use a crosswalk to cross streets and driveways.
    • Students should remove headphones and listen and look both ways before crossing streets.
    • Vehicles should follow all posted traffic rules, including speed limits, no cell phones, and turning prohibitions. 
    • After drop off, Vehicles should continue to move through drop off zone allowing others to move in to drop off their students.  
    • PEDESTRIANS Always have the right of way.
    • U-Turns are illegal from the exit to entrance of horseshoe.  

    Our main goal is to ensure safe travel for students to school each day whether that be on foot, by car or via bicycle.  THANK YOU for your attention to these details as you visit Monte Vista High School.  Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!



    About Our School

    About Us

    gold ribbon schoolWelcome to Monte Vista High School- a comprehensive, National Blue Ribbon and California Gold Ribbon school.  MVHS is a fully WASC-accredited, 9-12 public school of more than 2500 students. The school is located in the Town of Danville, in the San Ramon Valley, approximately 35 miles east of San Francisco.

    Mission Statement:  Monte Vista believes that meaningful education is a shared responsibility involving students, staff, family and community.  We value a safe, inclusive, fulfilling, and diverse environment in which students are challenged to achieve their highest potential as ethical, resilient, and engaged citizens. 

    Established in 1965.