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Our sale of AP Exams for the 2019 Administration will occur from February 1st, 2019 through March 1st, 2019. Pay for your AP Exams online at our MVHS Webstore.

Cost: $110.00 per AP Exam, and $155 for AP Seminar and AP Research



Link to Webstore

AP Testing Link


If you qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch Services and would like support with the cost of AP exams, please contact your counselor as soon as possible.




AP Testing

Important Information: Please Read Before Purchase




1.   QUALIFY TO TAKE THE EXAM(S) YOU PURCHASE. SRVUSD requires that you are a district high school student.  Monte Vista High school requires that you are a current MVHS student. Due to space limitations, priority is given to students enrolled in MVHS AP classes.  Students not enrolled in an MVHS AP class may not be able to take the exam. World Language tests have further restrictions and may not have allowances for students not currently enrolled in our AP World Language classes.  If you are not enrolled, see Mr. Kahn for availability and next steps.

2.   INTEND TO TAKE THE EXAM(S) YOU PURCHASE.  NO REFUNDS will be issued. NO TEST SALES from student to student will be permitted.

3.   ARE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT EXAMS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ORDER AS WELL AS EXAM DATES AND TIMES. Some exams have similar titles. Should it be Computer Science A (Java) or Computer Science Principles? Should it be US Government and Politics or Comparative Government and Politics? The College Board has strict requirements for being on time, staying the course of the exam and being able to take a late exam.



How can I find out the information I need to know?  Much of what students and parents need to know can be found at the College Board Advanced Placement Student website. But, if you need more and/or different information, read the FAQs below and please feel free to contact Mr. Kahn, Assistant Principal in charge of Advanced Placement testing or Ms. Threatt, AP Coordinator.

How can I contact Mr. Kahn or Ms. Threatt to ask specific questions or to discuss concerns? You can contact Mr. Kahn through his Monte Vista email - - and Ms. Threatt through her email - If there is an emergency, please see Ms. Schikora in the Administration office to facilitate a more immediate meeting.

How will I know in what room I am scheduled to take my exam(s)?  All Advanced Placement teachers receive that information at least two weeks before exams begin.

Room schedules are also posted on the Administration office window and Workday Center window and in the entryway to the Library. The room assignment schedule will also be posted on the MVHS webpage.

What happens if I have something important scheduled on the day of my test?

In 2019, late testing will be conducted per the College Board required schedule of date and time on May 22 through May 24. It is very important for any student or parent who sees a potential conflict for a College Board sanctioned reason to contact Mr. Kahn or Ms. Threatt as soon as possible. Students and parents are encouraged to ask their coaches and teachers who sponsor programs about the possibility of conflicting dates ahead of time.

Late Testing is permitted for the following reasons, with or without an extra fee.

No additional fee

A late-testing fee will not be charged for circumstances that are beyond the control of school officials and students. Here are some general examples:

  • Academic contest/event*
  • Athletic contest/event*
  • Conflict with IB or Cambridge exam 
  • Conflict with nationally, province-, or state-mandated test 
  • Disabilities accommodation issues
  • Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm
  • Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy
  • High school graduation*
  • Language lab scheduling conflict
  • Religious holiday/observance
  • School closing: election, national holiday, or natural disaster
  • Strike/labor conflict
  • Student court appearance
  • Two AP Exams on the same date and time

With fees

An additional fee of $45 per exam will be charged for schools and students that have a choice between accepting the scheduled date and requesting an alternate date. The fee is used to partially defray costs of developing, scoring, and shipping these alternate exams. Here are some of those examples:

  • Conflict with non-AP, non-IB, or non-Cambridge exam
  • Family/personal commitment 
  • Ordering error
  • Other school event
  • School closing (local decision, non-emergency)

What happens if I have two AP tests at the same time or three exams on the same day? See above information about late testing.

How can I get a fee reduction?

See your counselor to determine if you qualify and to receive instructions about how to process your purchase.

What do I need to bring on the day of the AP test? A MVHS student picture ID (you will not be seated without it), two sharpened #2 pencils, a dark ink (blue or black) ball point pen, adequate layers of clothing in case the room feels warm or cold to you.  You may not bring your cell phone, mechanical pencils, food, drinks (other than a clear water bottle without labels), separate erasers, or any other equipment into the testing area. Be sure and check the College Board Student AP site to determine which calculators are approved for the exams that require them. MVHS provides Kleenex.

How will I receive my scores?

Sign up for an AP Student Account.  Go here:

Can I take an AP test if I am not enrolled in an AP class? Yes. Order and pay for it through our MV AP website link.

How can I make testing arrangements to accommodate my disability? Students must qualify ahead of time for such accommodation.  Christine Byers is the counselor at Monte Vista who handles those applications for qualification for accommodated exams. You must contact Ms. Byers right away to set that process in motion.

Do I have to do pre-register for every AP test I am taking? No. Every AP test taker must pre-register once before exams begin.  Pre-registration can be handled in any AP class during the week prior to the exam period.

AP Testing