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Bell Schedule

High School Hybrid Bell Schedule - Found on the SRVUSD website.  

Monte Vista Instructional Calendar- Add the Google Calendar to your own or simply refer to it on the MV website left column.  This calendar is updated daily and includes the daily bell schedule and any all campus meetings and events.  Clicking on the event will give you the access to the meeting link.  


Minimum Day - a term that is used to describe shortened days for Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten only.   At Monte Vista, the Minimum Day means it is a Monday Remote Learning Schedule.  


Monday Schedule - a term that is used to describe the 8:15am to 12:45pm bell schedule.  Most often used on Monday however it is also used for afternoon staff professional development or testing days.  It is also the High School version of Minimum Day as it ends at 12:45pm.    


Odd Block – referring to a block schedule with odd periods of 1,3,5.  This schedule is typically on a Tuesday or Thursday.   


Even Block- referring to a block schedule with even periods of A,2,4,6. This schedule is typically on a Wednesday or Friday. 


Floating Work Day-  teachers are required to work three days of six floating work day opportunities throughout the school year.  These are non school days for students and non work days for some staff members.