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Student Clubs

You want to start a club???


Thank you for your interest in wanting to start a Monte Vista Club!  As you plan the structure of the club please keep in mind that all ASB clubs and organizations exist to meet the co-curricular needs of Monte Vista Students, to enhance self-esteem, and to provide involvement for our student body. 


Furthermore, please remember that approved clubs MUST meet the following guidelines: 

ASB Club Requirements : 

  • Must have an advisor (certificated staff member)  

  • Must have a current ASB Charter application and constitution on file  

  • Conduct all club meetings and activities with the club advisor present  

  • Follow the fiscal guidelines established by FiCMAT 

  •  Must meet on a regular basis, at least once a month 

  •  Must take and turn in meeting minutes (hard copy to the bookkeeping office)

  •  Must have a representative officer at all inter-club meetings (1 per quarter)  

  •  Must work with advisor to reserve facilities and plan any activities/fundraisers on campus.  



Please make sure to follow the following procedures for starting a new club! 


1. Get a “Starting a Club Packet” You may get a packet online on our website under “STUDENT CLUBS” or pick up a packet in the attendance office. Both new clubs and clubs renewing their charters need to complete the packet.


 2. Find an advisor. Each club MUST have an advisor who is familiar with the established procedures for working with A.S.B. The advisor has to be a current Monte Vista teacher. Make sure to inform the potential advisors that they will have to attend all club meetings and club organized activities (ex. Fundraisers). They will also be involved in writing of the club’s budget, if the club plans on fundraising. 


3. Fill out an “Application for ASB Charter” and write a constitution. The packet will include an application and procedure on how to write a constitution. Clubs will NOT be considered for ratification unless the application is fully completed and the constitution is written. Note that the faculty advisor’s signature is required on the application. Due Date: Tuesday, September 9th 


 4. Club Ratification – The Monte Vista Student Government must ratify all clubs and organizations. Applications will be reviewed by Ms. Pagano, Mr. Greenless, Zoe Damaschino (A.S.B President) and the ASB Clubs Chairs and will then be forwarded to the student government for ratification. All clubs will be informed of their status by Friday, September 13th. 


5. If your club is approved and ratified by the student government, you will be required to attend a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, September 17th in the Theater at Lunch. 


6. Approved clubs and organizations will be able to set up a table at the Clubs Fair scheduled on Friday, September 20th at Lunch. 


Good Luck! 


Publish your Club Activities

Hi MV students- do you want to get the word out about your Club meetings or activities?  This is the way to get the message out!

1:  Go viral:  Contact if you have an idea for a Tuesday video or video announcement. 

2:  Think ahead:  If you have a project like a drive make the announcement in the big Weekly Bulletin sent every Monday.   It stays on the website news for a whole week and  is the spot for bigger projects that students and parents and staff need to look ahead.  These announcements are due by Friday afternoon. 

3.  Announcements:  Do you have a club meeting?  These announcements are made on the day of the meeting.  Submit your details by noon the day before to make sure it is included.   Submit announcements through school loop as news or as a message to Mrs McFarland.  You can also email  

5.  Photo op:  Submit a picture of your club to be posted on the webpage.

6.  Twitter Following?  Tweet a message about your club to @mvhslearns. 

7.  Facebook Fave?  Send a facebook message to the MVHS facebook page :   facebook

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