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Click here to see the SRVUSD Board of Education Resolution Denouncing Racism


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Keith Powell - Monday, February 22nd 7:00 - 8:30 PM

As part of our "Storytelling" series, and in honor of Black History Month, Keith Powell will share his journey from humble beginnings to the top levels of Corporate America and the challenges and triumphs along the way. The journey will include stories about finding your voice, resiliency, becoming an advocate for equity & justice, and following your passions.

Learn more about Keith and youth advocacy at C-CRETS

To RSVP for Keith Powell, fill out THIS FORM.


Irma Herrera - Tuesday, March 23rd 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Irma Herrera is a SF Bay Area-based lawyer, writer, solo-performer, and social justice activista. Her solo play, "Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name?," has received critical acclaim. Irma is a native of South Texas and grew up in a Spanish speaking home. Irma spent three decades as a public-interest lawyer, starting in Washington state’s Yakima Valley, representing Spanish-speaking farmworkers. She moved to SF to work at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund and her final law job was 15 years as the Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, a SF-based legal organization advancing the interests of women and girls. Irma spent 5 years advocating for educational rights of low-income children, especially English learners. Irma has presented several times in SRVUSD, and we are excited to welcome her back!

Learn more about Irma here.


MVHS is proud to participate with Dr. Lori Watson in SLAM! (Student Leaders’ Antiracist Movement!)

SLAM! is designed to not just engage students in conversations about race, but to empower and mobilize them as catalysts for change through an anti-racist leadership youth movement. SLAM! participants deepen their personal racial understanding and elevate their racial consciousness as they develop the skills and tools to disrupt systemic racism within their schools, communities, and the larger society.

For more information, please visit Dr. Lori Watson's website

SRVUSD Vision for equity

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is committed to nurturing and educating the whole student. Our equity leaders strive to interrupt any inequitable practices in school culture and curriculum and eliminate barriers to personal and academic success. Further, we establish each place of learning as an institution that validates and celebrates each student as an individual and as a part of a larger human family.

District Equity work

Breaking Down The Walls

MVHS proud to offer Breaking Down the Walls to students annually. This program helps students break down the social walls that sometime separate them from their peers, and build new connections across social groups.

For more information, check out their website 

no place for hate

SRVUSD & MVHS are committed to keeping our school free of hate, discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Click here to see SRVUSD's Nondiscrimination/Harassment/Anti-Bullying District Board Policy  5145.3

California state law & Policy

national standards & calls for action

Know Your rights


You have the right to use the restroom of your gender identity without harassment or exclusion.  Please speak to an administrator or campus safety monitor if you have any difficulties or concerns.

Locker Rooms

You have the right to use a locker room according to your gender identity.  If you feel you need alternative accommodations to change in a room that is affirming to who you are, please speak to your PE teacher.  If you experience harassment or exclusion in the locker rooms, please speak to your PE teacher or an administrator.

Names used on campus

You have the right to be referred to in class and on campus with the name that affirms your gender.  You have the right to a gender support plan to help support you in navigating this transition if necessary.  Please speak to a counselor to establish a Gender Support Plan.


You have the right to be referred to by the pronouns that affirm your gender.  You have the right to a gender support plan to help support you in navigating this transition if necessary.  Please speak to a counselor to establish a Gender Support Plan.

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