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Library Hours
Monday         7:30 - 4:30
Tuesday         8:40 - 4:30
Wednesday         7:30 - 4:30
Thursday         7:30 - 4:30
Friday         7:30 - 2:20

At times, we must close the library for one or more periods during the day to accommodate teachers who bring their classes into the library for research, special projects, or testing.

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Our mission
To create an environment of collaboration and learning
To create a community of readers 
To provide access to material that is relevant, appropriate and current
To promote information literacy
To encourage, inspire, and motivate students to pursue their learning on their own terms 
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Donations of books and other materials are appreciated.  If the donated item is not appropriate for our collection, the librarian will pass it on to another institution where it will be useful.


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Julie Garrahan
Julie Garrahan

Library Media Teacher


Jackie Phillips


Jackie Phillips 

Library Media Coordinator