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Dear MVHS Students and Parents,

Please use the SchoolLoop website and grade book as additional ways to stay apprised of class information, student progress, and as a tool for communication.  You will find the daily agenda posts on the website (under Notes) as a valuable asset to keep current with daily agendas and homework assignments.  The homework assignment due dates, and of course student grades, are also posted through the SchoolLoop grade book. 

I pride myself on keeping student grades and daily agendas current.  If you notice discrepancies or have any questions, please be sure to email me or to leave me a message through voicemail and I will make every effort to respond within less than 24 hours.  The daily agendas on this website may not be as detailed as what is provided in class.  It is the student's responsibility to copy the daily agenda/homework that is posted on the board in class.  If students need assistance with this, please let me know.  Also, if students do not have an agenda, they can print one out: *Note:  All freshmen are required to have a Monte Vista Planner.


Mrs. Carlson



Don't have a SchoolLoop account?

Beth Carlson


Agenda February 22nd


9th:  Journals due! Finish old film.  Review Who's to Blame argumentative writing specs.  Study guide and outline work.  HW:  Unit test 2/25.  R and J analytical outline 2/25

11th:  Unit test study guide and synthesis essay outline work.  Journal projects are due today!!.  HW:  Unit test 2/25.  Essay outline 2/25

Agenda February 21st


9th:  Finish shared reading of Act V, guided notes.  Review Who's to Blame writing specs- small group evidence discussion.  Finish journal project or study guide or Who's to Blame outline.  HW:  Journal project due tomorrow.  R & J outline due 2/25.  Unit test 2/25

11th:  Unit test study guide or synthesis essay outline or finish journal project.  HW:  Journal project due tomorrow.  Essay outline due 2/25.  Unit test 2/25

Agenda February 20th


9th:  Journal #4 due.  Shared reading V.i-ii and guided note-taking.  Review Who's to Blame writing specs.  HW:  Journals 1-5 due 2/22

11th:  Finish reading TTTC.  Write journal #5, create cover, choose best entry (3,4 or 5).  HW: Journal project (all five entries) due 2/21-2/22

Agenda February 19th


9th:  Finish reading Act IV, guided notes.  Peer review/word process journal #4.  HW:  Hard copy of journal 4 due tomorrow 2/20

11th: Reading questions due. "Ghost Soldiers" and "Night Life" quiz.  Review essential questions/essay specs. Podcast/note-taking "Green Machine".  HW: Read first half of "Lives of the Dead" 2/20

Agenda February 14th


9th:  Begin drafting journal #4.  Independent reading, sign up for second semester project.  HW:  Journal #4 due 2/20

11th:  Journal #4 and reading questions due.  Review essential questions and essay specs.  Podcast: Q'ed up "Green Machine" and note-taking.  Finish reading "Ghost Soldiers".  HW:  REad "Night Life" due 2/19

Agenda February 13th


9th: Shared reading IV i-ii, guided reading questions.  Black plague film clip.  HW:  None tonight

11th:  Finish "Vietnam's Unseen War".  Read first half of "Ghost Soldiers" or write journal entry #4.  HW:  Finish reading through first half of "Ghost Soldiers", guided reading questions due 2/14, journal #4 due 2/14

Agenda February 12th


9th: Small group discussion, Act III journal.  View end of Act III, choose a scene to rewrite in small groups.  Sign up for Act IV reading roles.  No homework tonight.

11th: Finish "Notes" and "In the Field".  Begin "Good Form" and "Field Trip".  HW:  Finish reading through "Field Trip" and complete guided reading questions 2/13

Agenda February 11th


9th:  Shared reading, finish Act III and complete notes.  Refine journal #3.  HW:  Hard copy journal #3 due tomorrow!

11th:  Counseling mental health presentation.  Read "Notes" and "In the Field".  HW:  Finish "Notes" and "In the Field" 2/12

Agenda February 8th


9th:Shared reading and interactive notes III.iv.  Journal #3 or independent reading.  HW:  Journal #3 due 2/12

11th:  Journal #3 due. DYRit quiz.  "Vietnam's Unseen Story".  Read and annotate "Notes".  HW: Finish "Notes"

Agenda February 7th


9th: Engarde presentations.  Revisit "Who's to Blame?"  Continue reading Act III.iii and interactive notes.  HW:  Journal #3 due 2/12

11th:  Word process journal #3.  "Speaking of Courage" and the importance of story telling.  HW:  Journal #3 due tomorrow.  Finish "Speaking of Courage", DYRit quiz tomorrow.


Voicemail # (925) 314-1900


Changes to the SAT & Free ACT Prep Link

9th: Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare
9th: Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare
11th: The Things They Carried- Tim O'Brien
11th: The Things They Carried- Tim O'Brien
9th: To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
9th: To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
11th: Black Boy- Richard Wright
11th: Black Boy- Richard Wright
9th: Mark Haddon- the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
9th: Mark Haddon- the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
11th: F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby
Fitzgerald image.jpg

Workday Center Extended Hours!

MVHS's beautiful Workday Center is open to students from 7:30-5:30 Monday-Thursday and 7:30 to 4:00 on Friday.  It's a great place to relax and read, access computer technology/databases, print assignments, etc.  Check it out!

About Your English Teacher

This is my thirteenth year of teaching high school English and my fifth year with Monte Vista High School.  I am very fortunate to have joined the Mustang team of extraordinary colleagues, students and families.  I look forward to working with students, helping to increase their love for the written word, assisting with their development as a scholar of language arts- and having fun along the way!  I truly love being a teacher and continuously building strong ties with the MVHS community.  Go Mustangs!

Education:  Undergraduate, University of California Santa Cruz.  Graduate in Secondary Education:  University of Hawaii Manoa, Chapman University.  Post-Graduate Master's Degree in Teaching Leadership, Saint Mary's College.

Interests:  I love reading, learning new things, traveling, gardening, running, playing tennis & golf, hiking, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

St. Mary's MATL graduation