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Registration Steps 2018

Registration Steps

  1.  Annual Update activated by district for MVHS on 7/12/18
  2.  MVHS Online Registration 7/12/18 - 8/7/18
  3.  MVHS Stampede Day Walk Through Registration 8/8/18 

Annual Update

Q: Where can I find the link for Annual Update?


The Annual Update link will be located in the bottom left corner of your Welcome page. “Online Enrollment Annual Update”.


Q: When will the Annual Update Portal open?


The Annual Update portal will open on a different day in July for each high school and its feeder middle and elementary schools.


Tuesday, July 10: Dougherty Valley High School, Del Amigo High School, Venture School, Windemere Ranch Middle School, Gale Ranch Middle School, Hidden Hills Elementary, Live Oak Elementary, Quail Run Elementary, Coyote Creek Elementary, Bella Vista Elementary


Wednesday, July 11: California High School, Iron Horse Middle School, Pine Valley Middle School, Golden View Elementary, Twin Creeks Elementary, Bollinger Canyon Elementary, Montevideo Elementary, Walt Disney Elementary, Neil Armstrong Elementary and Country Club Elementary


Thursday, July 12: Monte Vista High School, Venture School, Los Cerros Middle School, Diablo Vista Middle School, Alamo Elementary, Vista Grande Elementary, Green Valley Elementary, Tassajara Hills Elementary, Creekside Elementary


Friday, July 13: San Ramon Valley High School,  Stone Valley Middle School, Charlotte Wood Middle School, Rancho Romero Elementary, Montair Elementary, John Baldwin Elementary and Greenbrook Elementary, Sycamore Elementary


Q: What is the difference between the Annual Update and Registration?


The Annual Update is a district-wide process held each year to verify household and emergency contact information as well as complete annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements. Registration is school site specific, regarding activities such as volunteer opportunities, PTA membership, band, graduation, etc.


Q: What should I do if I see a blank screen when I login to the website?


The Internet Explorer browser may not work properly. Please try a different browser like Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.


Q: Why does the school of residence still appear on the screen even though my student’s attending another school?


Your physical address is associated with a resident school. If your child is attending another school in our district please follow up with that school to complete the fall registration process.


Q: Can I complete the Annual Update if my student’s primary household is not with me?


You will not be able to complete the Annual Update for this student. Only the parent living in the student’s primary household will have access to complete the Annual Update.


Q: How do I correct or remove Emergency Contacts?


Add new Emergency contacts in the Emergency Contact section of Annual Update.

Emergency contacts are removed in the Student section of Annual Update. There will be a remove button next to each contact listed.


Q: When do I need to register my student?


Please complete your student’s registration before the first day of school. Some school sites also have walk-through registration. The school registration dates will be posted on school websites by June 1, 2018.


Q: Do I have to complete the Annual Update before I can register my student?


No, you can register your student before completing the Annual Update. We ask that you complete both items, you may choose the order in which you complete them.


Q: Do I have to complete the Annual Update before my student can start school on August 13th?


No, it is not a requirement to complete the Annual Update in order to start school.


Q: If I don’t see my student in the Portal should I enroll them again?


No. If your child is enrolled for the 18-19 school year they will not appear as student until the Annual Update portal opens in July. There is no need to add your student if you have already done so. When “Annual Update” (Fall Registration) opens in July your student will be listed.



Q: How can I retrieve my user name and password?


Parents need to set up an account security email in Account Settings in Campus Portal. Once that email has been setup parents will be able to retrieve their user name and/or password by using the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot your username” links on the Campus portal login screen.


Q: What if I haven’t set up my account security email in Account Settings in the portal or don’t remember my email account?


If you are unable to automatically retrieve your password and/or username using the links for Forgot password or Forgot your username, send an email to for assistance.


Q: I need some help, who should I contact?


For assistance with Annual Update:

  • Portal Help email:

For assistance with new student enrollment:

  • Enrollment Office phone: (925) 552-5076
  • 699 Old Orchard Drive, Danville, Building B


Q: What if I don’t know my GUID code?


For new families: You will receive a code by email once your application has been approved.

For existing families: Please contact your school. This can be provided by the front office person at the site.


Q: What if I don’t have a computer at home?


Student Services at the SRVUSD District Office has a computer and printer available for this purpose. Please contact our office at 925-552-5076 to set up an appointment. Public libraries often have computers for public use also.



Q: Why are my other student(s) not showing on the student page?


Your child may not have a current enrollment. Contact the Enrollment office for more information (925) 552-5076.



Registration is a 4-step process

SRVUSD Annual Update

San Ramon Valley Unified parents are asked to complete an online “Annual Update” to verify household and emergency contact information and complete the annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements.  The Annual Update window for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled to open on July 12th for MVHS. Complete the district online Annual Update using your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. To begin the process, click on the Annual Update link located in the bottom left corner of your Welcome page titled “Online Enrollment Annual Update”.  Only one Annual Update is required for each family at a primary address. The message will continue to appear in your inbox until the end of the Annual Update period. Please disregard the message once you have completed your Annual Update. You will receive a confirmation email following completion of the Annual Update process.


Step 1: Annual Update - Parent Portal Information

  • If your child is currently enrolled in an SRVUSD school, you must complete the Annual Update to verify household and emergency contact information and complete the annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements.
    • Parents can access this information by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account (Parent Portal Direct Link).
    • The Annual Update window for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled to open on Thursday July 12, 2018.
    • Check your Portal "Inbox" for a message titled "Annual Update Fall Registration." This message will guide you through the Annual Update process.
    • Only one Annual Update is required for each family at a primary address.
    • The message will continue to appear in your inbox until the end of the Annual Update period.
    • Please disregard the message once you have completed your Annual Update.
    • You will receive a confirming email following completion of the Annual Update process. 
    • This must be completed prior to Stampede Day, our on-site registration. 
    • If you are new to the district and have not enrolled your student electronically, go to the District website and click on "Enroll Your Child.
    • Once you have enrolled electronically, call our Registrar at 925-552-2816 to set up an appointment. She is available starting July 30th.
    • Be sure to bring all required paperwork to your appointment. Detailed instructions can be found on our website, Enroll Your Child" webpage (see above).

Step 2: Complete MVHS Online Registration/Stampede Day

  • Here's how it works:
    • Access the MVHS Online Registration System - site will go live on July 12th.  
    • Make all your donations online, order pictures and Spiritwear.
    • Attend Stampede Day 10am to 5pm on Wednesday, August 8th.  

 *The registration website, is not sponsored by the school. Information provided on this website may be available to Parent Teacher Associations and other educational benefit foundations as well as school personnel as required.

Step 3: Volunteer Management System


For new enrollments, Please click here to start the process.

When you have completed the online enrollment, contact our registrar Sarah Sirota at 925-552-2816 to make an appointment.


Visit the Volunteer Management System to update your information or to register to volunteer if you have not done so previously.

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