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Independent Study PE

Independent Study Documents due Friday, May 3rd.  Please review documents, print and complete forms and submit to office before the due date.  ISPE DOCUMENTS 

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE)

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is an educational option approved by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. ISPE affords students the opportunity to extend physical education learning activities beyond the school campus and regular school hours. ISPE allows students advanced study in activities not normally available in the District’s physical education program. In order to qualify, students must participate in an individual sport (no team sports are permitted), work with a one-on-one coach AND meet one of the following criteria:

● Student is an exceptionally gifted athlete who is competing at the regional, state, or national competition level within the school year in an individual sport. No team sports are permitted.

● Student has an impacted schedule due to a special academic support program.

● Student wishes to take an advanced level PE program the school is not offering.


1. The ISPE activity must develop proficiency, knowledge, and skills that cannot be achieved within the inschool physical education program. Year-long goals must be developed with the ISPE coach/instructor and student to reflect unique growth through their ISPE program and align with the California State Physical Education Standards and Physical Fitness Test requirements.

2. The direct instruction requirement must be equal to or exceed the hourly requirement of the State of California P.E. statute. That requirement is 400 minutes every 10 school days/ 2 weeks during the school year.

3. Students on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) who are enrolled in ISPE must follow all course requirements.

4. The parent/guardian will be required to sign a District Liability Waiver which holds the District harmless from any liability or claims as a result of the ISPE program.

5. ISPE students are NOT allowed to be instructed/coached by their parent/guardian or relative. No exceptions.

6. All ISPE instructors/coaches are required to sign a Statement of Responsibility and Hold Harmless Agreement provided in this packet. Instructors/coaches must also carry 1 million dollars in Commercial General Liability insurance for the activity in which they are giving instruction. (Homeowners policies, Declarations, Summaries, bills, invoices, etc. do not meet the District’s qualifications or standards as proof of insurance).

7. 7th and 9th grade ISPE students are responsible for completing the state-mandated physical fitness testing in the spring semester. 2

8. Students must have successfully passed the most recent state-mandated physical fitness test (given during the 5 th , 7 th , or 9 th grade).

9. Students in grades 11 and 12 who have completed their two years of P.E. credit for graduation may take ISPE as an elective if they meet all of the criteria for participating in ISPE.

10. The parent/guardian agrees to undertake all transportation of the student to and from ISPE. The Disrict will not provide transportation.

11. Students must abide by their school’s open or closed campus policy during their ISPE class. Any violation of this policy may result in removal from the ISPE program by site administrators.

12. While the schools will establish certain requirements in implementing this policy, San Ramon Valley Unified School District and its schools are not responsible for the quality or conditions of instruction conducted off school premises in the ISPE program. Students who want to return to the general PE program at their school of attendance will only be eligible to return to the general PE program at the start of a semester (if space available).

13. All ISPE students must have their COMPLETED paperwork submitted to the site Independent Study PE Coordinator by FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019 to be considered for ISPE for the 2019-2020 school year.

14. Students enrolled in ISPE are not to change their activity mid-year. A coach/instructor change is only permitted with the approval of the ISPE Coordinator.

15. The ISPE course must be part of the student’s regular bell schedule (part of the 7-period day for high school and middle school). ISPE may NOT be an additional period.

16. Students who fail to complete mandated Physical Fitness Testing or fail to meet the requirements will not be eligible for ISPE in the subsequent school year.

ISPE Activity Log: 
These logs are to be submitted to the coordinator at the quarter progress report, quarter report, and end of semester. Due dates are clearly stated on the log for the entire school year.


ISPE Assessment and Evaluation: 
There are two documents included. One is for the coach/instructor and one is for the student-athlete. The assessment and evaluation will be due at the end of each semester.  

Please Submit all Logs & Evaluation Paperwork to the Main Office 'ISPE' Drop-Off Box!

ISPE Documents

Jennifer Hamilton

MVHS ISPE Coordinator

(925) 552-2859


Kenny Kahn

MVHS Assistant Principal
(925) 552-2866