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Non District Course

We know you have many options with these Personalized Learning Options.  While we like that you have this flexibility in your course selections, MVHS Counselors and Math Department would like you to be aware that when you take an out of district math course, the content curriculum of that course may be different from the MVHS equivalent course.  In addition, the outside school of choice may have a different math flow chart than the SRVUSD Math Flow Chart.  As a result, a student who takes advantage of a non-district course might not learn the entire needed curriculum for the sequential math course within SRVUSD.


In addition, at this time you may or may not be aware of the future colleges you may apply to during your senior year.  We want you to make careful and informed decisions.  With that, we want you to know that many private colleges do not permit students to earn dual credit for college courses taken while in high school.  Meaning, if a student takes a transferrable course at DVC (for example) and elects to place that course/credit/grade on their SRVUSD transcript, and the student then attends a private college directly from high school, that student will need to repeat the course at the private college.  As most private colleges will not award dual credit for that course.  Ultimately, it is you college application GPA that is factored into an admission decision…not your high school GPA.  High school GPA’s are recalculated by the college, when a student applies to college, according to the admission requirements for that particular college.  The college application GPA will include all college preparatory work completed at any accredited and approved institution, according to their admission standards.


We are providing you this information because we want you to make careful and informed decisions when determining if course advancement and taking non-district courses is right for you.


MVHS Counselors and Math Department


Please  go to the 2019 SRVUSD Course Advancement Page in order to obtain advancement information, application, and guidelines.