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Policies and Procedures

Rules of Behavior

  • NO food or drinks (including water and gum) into the library.

  • You must have a pass to be in the library during class periods.

  • For attendance purposes, you must sign in (preferable with your phone) when entering the library during a class period. 

  • Be considerate of others by working quietly.

  • The computer side is for quiet work, reading and printing. MINIMAL TALKING.  Move to the other side for your conversations

Loans and Fines

  • You must have your student ID card to check out materials.

  • Materials may be checked out for a period of 3 weeks.

  • Late fines are 25 cents per day, per item, excluding non-school days, including the day the item is returned.

  • You may not check out any additional items until overdue materials are returned and the fine is paid.

  • The maximum overdue fine is $10 per book.

  • You will be charged for the replacement of lost items.

Rules for Using the Internet

  • Log on with your personal computer ID and password.  Do not share your ID or password.  

  • Internet use is for school work only - no games, personal email, messaging, or chat rooms.

  • Printers will only print 5 pages at a time.  You might have to break up your document.