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Teacher Forms

Guest Speaker Form is posted on the district website.  Please note that the teacher and principal should approve this form. Students whose parents choose to opt out should be given a comparable, alternate assignment. 


Teaching with Tech

Listed below are several tools that can help you revolutionize your classroom.



Online Management Systems


Pass out, collect and grade student work with Google Classroom.  Makes organizing Google Docs so easy! And now you can even assign group work!  Easy to follow “How To


PowerSchool, formally know as Haiku is an online classroom management program just like Google Classroom. It is actually a google-app. You can assign work, create assessments, have class discussions, and set-up unit tabs. Here is a quick how to guide that is setup as a haiku page. Your rosters are already loaded into PowerSchool, so you can easily get started.

Online Discussion Tools


Group Discussion in Google Classroom

Want to have an online group discussion in Google Classroom? Now Google-Classroom has the feature to assign questions to certain students. You can make your own groups and it’s easy! Check this out



PowerSchool Discussion

Haiku has an awesome discussion function that allows you to create group discussions. You can then read the entire group's discussion thread or even break it down to just reading a single student’s responses.

How to Potential questions and answers that may arise when using Haiku Discussion  


TodaysMeet: It’s designed as a backchannel aka chat room — the conversation behind what’s going on. TodaysMeet creates personal chat room that you can set up and invite people to.They can quickly and easily write comments or questions for anyone in the chat room to see. Students don’t even have to make an account! Link for instructions  

Online Grading


Doctopus & Goobric!

Struggling to find an effective way to grade assignments turned in on Google Classroom? Solutions is here!  Doctopus organizes your assignment into a spreadsheet and allows you to see all your students grades and marking rubric scores. From that spreadsheet you can attach a rubric with Goobric - self created or selected from the bank.  Incredibly easy to use with Google Docs.  The rubric is displayed at the top of the screen and allows you to click between different student’s assignments

Easy to follow “how to”. is a website where students can submit work to be checked for plagiarism. You can use the rubric and form grading option on the site to grade student work and to provide feedback. Check out this tutorial to learn how to grade using this tool.  

Online Assessment Tools


Want to see all your student’s assessment progress in live time? Students can type, show their work with drawings, or submit images. Try Goformative as an assessment tool in your classroom.


A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business-people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment. You can create your own Kahoot or find millions that have already been created by users. Link for students to play you Kahoot

      Link to create or retrieve a premade Kahoot


Socrative is a website where you can set up a free account, which allows you, as the teacher, to create educational activities for your students. Students can do these activities during class in real time using tablets, laptops and smartphones. This website is a great tool for quick assessments that provides you with good feedback on how the students are doing. Link for instructions


Don’t forget to take it back oldschool sometimes. Some of the most effective checks for understanding activities are simple and tech free. For example:


Non-Tech Reusable Whiteboard Pocket ← buy on amazon: These are great for quick checks for understanding. my favorite way to use them is to put fun activity sheets in them, and let the children practice a myriad of skills. Students write answers with dry erase pens directly on the pocket and you can come by and check their work.

Exit ticket- Have folders- students self assess and drop off their ticket in folders labeled Got it- Almost- Kind of- Nope. Link for more non-tech CFU


Forms allows you to quickly gather data via a self-created web form. Your form will tie to a spreadsheet where you can track results in real time and share results via email. You can even add collaborators and create quizzes or surveys with colleagues.  


Google forms

Check out this tutorial. The tutorial is structured at different levels, so start where you feel comfortable. Once there, read the blurbs or click on the links for tutorials and information to help you optimize your experience with Google Forms.


Poll everywhere allows you to survey your students and see their responses in real time! You can create math equations to tie to questions or even ask questions in a different language. Link to Poll Everywhere: Watch the tutorial on the website

How to Show your Work Digitally



Original lesson plan from SHEG.  Great resources and lesson outline.  BUT, what about removing the need to make copies? Allowing students to pace themselves and possibly find additional resources if needed? Take a look at this lesson as a HyperDoc. Or take it a step further with this HyperDoc/Slide lesson.  Another SHEG lesson plan taken and turned into a Google Slides lesson plan - having students do all the work!

Use when you’re out of the classroom.  Sample sub lesson plan. Explore the amazing resource of Teachers Give Teachers.-Take, use, alter, etc.


Google Drawing

Google Drawings is a free, web-based diagramming software developed by Google. It is basically a digital poster board aka a blank space for students to create! Have your students create posters, diagrams, timelines, graphic organizers, Math equations etc! Link for instructions



Visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly, clearly, and CREATIVELY. Check out the following tutorial.


Presentation Tools

Sick of boring powerpoints. Try these four awesome presentation tools.


Google Slides

Google Slides is an awesome tool to create engaging presentations, but students sometimes create boring bullet point presentations. Check out this guide to help amp up google slides presentations. is google's version of a blogger. It is a super easy tool for students to use.I’ve had students use an alias to setup their accounts to avoid any privacy issues. They share their blog links with me via a google-form so I have an organized spreadsheet with everyone's real name, alias, and blogger hyperlink.  

Engagement Strategies


Use Videos to Engage

Check out EDpuzzle allows you to take any video from YouTube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, etc and make it perfect for your classroom and more engaging for your students.There are several pre-made lessons on the site.


Get the Edpuzzle Chrome Extension


Gamify a Lesson

Create a choose your own adventure via google forms by following this tutorial. Here is an example of a finished product.


Managing Digital Distractions


Check out these handouts with digital management strategies for teachers and students.

Digital Citizenship


Common Sense Media is a non-for profit organization that gives educators and students the digital learning resources they need to harness the power of technology for life. Check out the several resources on this site.


How to be a good digital citizen is a conversation that should be happening at every grade level. Check out these Common Sense Media digital citizenship lessons.