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Parking for Students

Parking permits for Monte Vista High School lots will be available for second Semester as students return to campus.  Permits will be available for sale on 12/8 for students with completed eligibility requirements.  Sale will be for Seniors followed by Seniors/Juniors and lastly for Seniors/Juniors/Sophomores.  


Although the sale of permits does not open until 12/8 we want you to be prepared with the necessary documents and steps.  The documents for 2020-2021 permits are included in the locker and also attached to a school loop message sent today, 12/1/20.    


The first step is to make sure both student and parent/guardian have attended the CHP/Start Smart class.  If you attended last year that will satisfy the requirement.  There is a class 12/2 and another on 12/.  

The second step is to gather your paperwork because the permit receipt, insurance, license, etc will be attached to the google application to process your permit.  

Please watch School Loop News for any updates.  

Parking Permit Information 

Attention! District Policy

Any student who has NOT attended a Start Smart training AND received a Certificate of Completion is ineligible to register until completion of training by both student/parentThe bookkeeping will verify all parking permit applications to the district list of attendees who completed the training and received a Certificate of Completion. You are only eligible if you attended one of the SRVUSD sponsored training. ALL OUTSIDE trainings will be denied. No exceptions.  See the SRVUSD website for more information about the Start Smart Program.


Eligibility for Parking Permits

1. Current Seniors ONLY - Purchase online between December 8th - December 10th.

2. Current Seniors and Juniors - Purchase online beginning December 11th - December 15th or until permits are sold out.

3.  Current Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores - Purchase online beginning December 16th - December 18th or until permits are sold out.

4. All MVHS students must hold a current valid driver’s license and possess liability insurance.

5. Students must have attended a district-sponsored Start Smart training and received a Certificate of Completion.

6. Must be in Good Standing. This means all outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to registering for a parking permit. (Not sure?  Email to ask.)


Permits Information

Single Driver- Student Parking Permit is on a first-come, first-serve basis to students by grade level.   Spaces are assigned to seniors first, then juniors, then sophomores.  Students may only park in student-designated stalls in the student parking lots.  To be clear, this does not include the parking designated for Staff, Visitor, or Emergency parking areas.

NO Carpool permits will be sold this school year. 



How to Apply



1. Pay online on Monte Vista webstore.  Permits are $50.  Print or save a receipt.


2. Payment allows for 1 permit. Should the permit need to be replaced, please see  your Assistant Principal. Replacement permits will be available for a fee upon administrative approval, if any are available. 


3. Fill out the MV 2020-2021 Parking Pass Request Form and upload the required documents (Image of the FRONT of your Driver’s License, proof of CHP  Start Smart Course Completion, proof of liability insurance, and receipt for parking permit payment from the webstore).  You will get a confirmation once submitted.  


4. Download the application, print and complete. The completed application must be signed by the student and the parent.  Put it away in a safe spot as you can not pick up the permit until January.  


5. Bring the signed application to the Bookkeeper Window during one of the following pickup times (January 5th - 8th from 1:00 - 4:00pm).  Make sure you drive the vehicle you are registering.




How do I receive my permit?

1. MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING. This means all unpaid fees for Child Nutrition, Textbooks, and Library must be paid in full prior to purchasing a parking permit. No exceptions.  (Not sure?  Email to ask.)

2. Must have submitted the required documents to the google form.  (Image of the FRONT of your Driver’s License, roof of CHP Smart Start Course Completion, proof of liability insurance, and receipt for parking permit payment from the webstore).


3. Must bring the signed application in person to the bookkeeper during one of the pickup times (January 5th - 8th from 1:00 - 4:00).  She will stamp the signed application that is indicating that you have turned in all of the required materials. 


4. Students will be directed to permit installation location. Students will present a signed and stamped form to a Campus Monitor, who will install the permit for the student.  Be sure to bring the vehicle you are registering. The permit will be placed, same day, on your vehicle by a campus monitor.  


When will I receive my permit?

January 5th - 8th from 1:00 - 4:00

*Beginning Tuesday, January 11th, students without valid permits will be ticketed. Please make sure that you have taken care of permit installation during one of the 4 allocated time slots.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can a Junior/Sophomore obtain a parking pass?

Yes.  If you have a valid driver's license, you are eligible for a parking pass. Spaces are assigned to seniors first, then juniors, then sophomores.


My student drives more than one car to campus.  Can I obtain more parking permits to put on various cars?

No.  We only provide students with one valid parking pass.  If another car is brought to campus they must obtain a daily parking pass from the attendance office and display it on the dashboard.  Failure to do so may result in ticketing.


What if my student throws away or loses parking tickets?

Parking tickets are issued per SRVUSD and vehicle code. Unpaid parking tickets are tracked by  the DMV and may result in a higher registration fee.


Start Smart classes were delayed because of the COVID-19 Crisis.  How do I sign up to take the class?

Please check the SRVUSD Smart Start page for more details. Virtual classes ARE offered for 20-21.


What if I have not completed the Start Smart course and I am signed up or a class in  January?

You are not eligible to purchase a permit until this step is completed. If you inadvertently register  without the Certificate of Completion, your money will be refunded and your application denied.


My child will not be able to take their driving test until later in the year.  Can I still purchase a parking pass now and have them pick it up when they pass the test?

Unfortunately, no.  Students may only register for parking passes if they have a valid driver license and have completed the Start Smart course.


What if I move to Monte Vista mid-year?

Eligible applicants may apply for a parking permit until all the permits are sold out.