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Associated Student Body Locker


2019 - 2020 Student Government 

ASB President  Zoe Damaschino
ASB Vice President  Hannah Galdes
ASB Secretary  Liberty Morris
ASB Treasurer  Nicole Vawter
ASB Rally Chairs  Jack Stewardson and Owen Zeising

Senior Class President  Johnny Carter
Senior Class Vice President  Sam Wong
Senior Class Secretary  Anna Ralston
Senior Class Treasurer  Grace Hinkley

Junior Class President  Warner MacDonald
Junior Class Vice President  Karli Trapani
Junior Class Secretary  Jackie Cunningham
Junior Class Treasurer  Ainsley Gibbs

Sophomore Class President  Lilly VanWagenen
Sophomore Class Vice President  Ryan Dillon
Sophomore Class Secretary  Morgan Brillheart
Sophomore Class Treasurer  Juliana Kiepen

Frosh Class President Steve Chung 
Frosh Class Vice President Rachel Ragasa 
Frosh Class Secretary Jack Frederiksen 
Frosh Class Treasurer Ella Economos 


Monte Vista ASB Activity Seals  2019 - 2020


Cost: $60

Please support MVHS Leadership and Student Body by purchasing the ASB Activity Seal!

Associated Student Body Activity Seal provides a student with discounts at Student Activities held at Monte Vista High School as well as discounts from various local merchants – we have so many we have to use two pages – check them out! All money collected from Activity Seal sales will directly benefit the MVHS Leadership class and other participating MVHS student body clubs and programs.


Activity Seal Includes:

The Stampede (school newspaper) will receive support

FREE Spirit T-Shirt

Back to School Dance 


Enjoy discounts at the following events:

MVHS Homecoming Dance

MVHS Athletic Games for Football and Basketball

Drama Productions

Mr. Mustang

Spirit Apparel


**Please see the complete list of participating merchants below.  The list can also be printed from the locker to the left for your convenience.  Print it and put it in your car for easy reference!  Support our activity seal boosters.  




Cost: $155


Save $10 by purchasing the Yearbook and Activity Seal Combo for $155!


**If purchased individually for 2018 – 2019: Yearbook $105 + Activity Seal $60 = Total Cost $165


SENIOR GOLD CARD 2019 - 2020

Seniors Only!!!  Cost: $250

Purchase the Senior Gold Card at registration and enjoy these discounts. Senior Gold Card includes the following ASB and Senior activities. No refunds on individual items.


                                                  Gold Card Price                    Regular Price                         Savings

Waterworld (Fall)                               $65                                          $75                                   $10

Senior Breakfast                                 $10                                          $15                                   $5

Panoramic Photo                                $10                                          $15                                   $5

Senior BBQ (Spring)                          $10                                          $20                                   $10

Yearbook                                          $100                                        $105                                   $5

Activity Seal                                       $55                                          $60                                   $5

TOTAL COST                                    $250                                        $290                                   $40