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ASB President Leigha Miller

ASB VP: Ava Fard

ASB treasurer: Ainsley Gibbs

ASB secretary: Jack Prichard 

2021 - 2022 Student Government 

ELECTION RESULTS: Thank you to each student who ran for office and to each student that voted.  Together we are the Mustangs. 


ASB President:  Lilly Van Wagenen
ASB Vice President:  Sofia Viscuglia
ASB Treasurer:  Chiara O’Leary DiGiorgio
ASB Secretary:  Lily Blankenship


President, Class of 2022:  Chloe Parris
Vice President, Class of 2022:  Ryan Dillon
Treasurer, Class of 2022:  Hannah Lockyer
Secretary, Class of 2022:  Grace Wuischpard

President, Class of 2023:  Rachael Ragasa
Vice President, Class of 2023:  Taylor Lorscheider
Treasurer, Class of 2023:  Ella Economos
Secretary, Class of 2023: Izzie Yu

President, Class of 2024:  Brooke Salamera
Vice President, Class of 2024:  Maddy Park
Treasurer, Class of 2024:  Juliane Stark
Secretary, Class of 2024:  Michael Cahn