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This Week's MVHS College & Career News!

Week of March 22nd


For Parents & Students:

Please plan to read the MVHS College & Career Newsletter each week! Click here to access this week's newsletter. My newsletter is usually sent every Tuesday with new updates. Bookmark this website to view our most up to date information including virtual college fairs and 'visits'.

important updates

Important Announcements!

  • SOPHOMORES, if you are interested in taking the PSAT 10 on April 20th, you will be able to register between 3/19-3/28. You should have received an email from the district on Friday but if not, here is the link to register and a FAQ sheet to help answer any questions you have. Please note, this is for sophomores only. 

  • JUNIORS, The Academic Boosters has coordinated a College Essay Writing Workshop in April & May. Please find more information here or below under “upcoming workshops & webinars” 

  • JUNIORS, I have created a SAT FAQ sheet for your reference with more detailed information as the SAT approaches. Find it here.  

  • SENIORS, UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam will be administered online on Saturday, May 22nd. Please find more information here. 

  • SENIORS, apply for the MVHS PTSA Scholarships below! Here is a quote from one of the Class of 2020 Scholarship recipients! 

    • “Combined with other scholarships I’ve been able to complete my first semester and start my second semester debt free. I applied because I felt like my challenges in high school were relevant to the Gary Natali Memorial scholarship. I struggled a lot with anxiety, and despite the struggle I was able to put time and energy every day toward serving my community. My advice is to apply for any scholarships that are available. Even if it seems like a long shot, it is still worth it.”