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DVC/Community Colleges



The California Community College system has over 100 campuses that reach from Shasta College in Redding to Grossmont College near San Diego with Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill being the closest for students from the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. All campuses offer courses that prepare students to transfer to a four year college or career training programs that vary according to the needs of the community. Considering the cost of going to college, a student can save money by beginning at a community college and then transferring to a four year college to complete a degree. Students are encouraged to consider the opportunities that are offered at California Community Colleges.


ADMISSION - Admission to a community college is offered to...

   ...any student who is a high school graduate

   ...any person 18 years of age or over who shows evidence of being capable

      of profiting from college courses

   ...any person who has passed the California High School Proficiency Examination



There are 118 California Community Colleges in the state of California. Check out this

map of California Community Colleges to see there locations. Here in the Bay Area Region we have 17 community colleges to select from. Eleven of the Community Colleges up and down the state offer on Campus Housing.




The cost of attending a California Community College involves fees, books and transportation. If you move away from home and live in a college residence hall or private housing, then you must also consider the cost of housing and food. To find the costs of the current year, check the community college publications or the website of the school you are planning to attend.




While most students attending a community college live at home and commute to classes, some campuses have college residence halls that are available to students. Each year students from the district high schools choose a campus where they plan to live in college housing.




All community colleges have programs that help students with career development. These career programs involve pre-professional areas where you are prepared to transfer to a four-year college as well as two-year programs where you may begin work after completing your community college courses. Select the "Transfer Information" file below for more information about transferring to a four-year college.



DVC - Most Monte Vista Graduates attending a community college will choose DVC.


DVC - Certificate Programs and Associate Degrees

Diablo Valley College has Certificate of Achievement programs that prepare student with vocational skills that enable them to succeed in a specific occupation. The programs are regularly reviewed by the faculty and an advisory board of employers so that student take courses that prepare them for employment . DVC also many Associate programs for transfer to a four-year college.


GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, Click HERE to follow the steps to apply to DVC.



Click  HERE if you are a current High School Student and would like to take a DVC course.

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