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FAQ on 4x4

How many credits will I earn in a 4 x 4 schedule?

Students can earn as many as 320 credits, which constitute four classes per semester, eight classes per year, and 32 classes for a student’s entire high school career.  


Will graduation requirements and credits remain the same with the 4x4 schedule?

Yes. 220 credits and required coursework will still be needed to graduate from Monte Vista High School. In addition, A - G and other college admissions requirements will remain the same.


Does this mean that students can graduate early?

Yes; however, students must note that required grade level courses will only be offered in their respective years i.e. English 12 will only be offered in 12th grade; etc. If a student wants to graduate early, they could take their required courses in the first semester of their senior year or utilize our PLI’s by taking non-district courses.


With the 4x4 schedule is there still an “A” Period?  

No.  All Students start with 1st period and end with 4th period.  However, all students can take up to eight classes per year instead of our current seven.  


Will the Workday Center and the MV Library be open in the morning?

The Workday Center and MV Library will open at 7:30.  


What will happen with AP classes and testing?

Different schools have different approaches towards AP testing. All offer AP classes during both year-long semesters as well as review sessions during or after school to prepare students for exams. An alternative model is to have AP courses alternate every other day for the full year.


Will the 4x4 schedule have an impact on class sizes?

Class sizes in the 4 x 4 should be the same or slightly lower than our current class sizes. In addition, teachers would have fewer overall student contacts i.e. roughly 100 student contacts per semester which means more focus on each student.


What if a student wants to take Leadership, Yearbook, or other year long course?

Students can take year long courses and still have access to six additional possible classes.


How would this schedule affect a student who wants to take a choir course as an elective all 4 years?

Students can choose to take choir or other elective every semester all four years. A student on this schedule will still have up to three other classes per semester to fill out their class schedule.


How would a band student that takes Jazz and Band work out a schedule?

 As described above, a student could choose to take band every semester all four years and still meet academic requirements. Marching Band would continue to be after school and would have no impact on the regular school day.


How does this change affect the bus schedule?

Traffix schedule would be similar to current as the bus now arrives for 1st period classes and leaves after 6th. However, due to concerns about traffic, a recommendation could be to have slightly earlier pickup times.


How does this schedule affect semester classes?  

There are currently only a few semester-long courses at Monte Vista. In the basic 4 x 4 schedule, semester classes will change at the quarter i.e. freshman in health and world geography would switch teachers after nine weeks. Seniors in American Government / Economics would likely remain with the same teacher, but change subject matter at nine weeks. We are also looking at a model that supports semester-long classes that will be similar to what we currently use.


What is the decision making process that will occur before the vote by the staff?

The Monte Vista certificated faculty is responsible for making any decision regarding a change in the bell schedule. The faculty will continue to gather and assess information about the 4 x 4 through the end of January before voting on a decision either to remain with our current bell schedule or to move forward with the 4 x 4 schedule. If the decision is made to move forward with the 4 x 4 schedule, the faculty will also determine whether to roll the schedule out in the 2019-20 or in the 2020-21 school year.