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School Site Council

Monte Vista School Site Council Meetings

2019 - 2020

3:30pm - 5 p.m. in the Workday Student Center Room 118

August 15th

September 12th

October 10th

November 14th

December 12th

January 16th

February 13th

March 12th

April 16th

May 14th (in Room 205)



Please click on the links below to access Site Council materials:

SIP Grant Application

SIP Grant Evaluation

Site Council Agendas

Site Council Minutes

Site Council Membership 2019 - 2020

Draft Edit for 2019 - 2020 membership 


Kristine Sexton - Site Council Chair


Dr. Kevin Ahern - Principal

Kenny Kahn - Assistant Principal

Liz Pagano - Assistant Principal

Sheila Jemo  - Assistant Principal


Emily Dolim - 2nd year - English Teacher

Floyd Henry - 2nd year - Social Studies Teacher

Gavin Long - 2nd year - English Teacher

Yvonne Spilker - 2nd year - Math Teacher

Cara Mattia-Varon - 1st year - Math Teacher

Brendan Nelson - 1st year - English Teacher


Cathy Haberl - Parliamentarian


Wendy Kettenstock - 2nd year - Classified Staff


Michelle O'Connor - 2nd year - Parent

Gwen Peterson - 2nd year - Parent

Dave Wensley - 2nd year - Parent

Paula Kenny - 1st year - Parent

Regina Yang - 1st year - Parent



Liberty Morris - 1st year - Junior Student

Dev Alhuwalia - 1st year - Sophomore Student


Empty Positions: Certificated Non-Teacher


Elections for all currently empty and second year positions will be held in April of 2020.  Announcements will be put in the bulletin, Schoolloop News, and in Schoolloop emails.