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School Site Council

Monte Vista School Site Council Meetings

3:30pm - 5 p.m. in the Workday Student Center Room 118 or via Google Meet

To join a Google Meet meeting, please email



Please click on the links below to access Site Council materials:

SIP Grant Application

SIP Grant Evaluation

Site Council Agendas

Site Council Minutes

Site Council Membership 2021- 20222


Jill Seidenverg - Site Council Chair


Dr. Kevin Ahern - Principal

Angie Corritone - Assistant Principal

Liz Pagano - Assistant Principal

Sheila Jemo  - Assistant Principal


Amy Aberle - 2nd year - Special Education Teacher

Stacy Brix - 2nd year - Health/Science Teacher

Anastasia Chrzanowski - 2nd year - Social Science Teacher

Linda Fellers - 2nd year - World Language Teacher

Cara Mattia-Varon - 1st year - Math Teacher

Rodger Johnson - 1st year - CTE/Science Teacher

Christy Brown - 1st year - Certificated, Non-Teacher


Liane Swenson - 2nd year - Classified Staff


Kristine Sexton - Parliamentarian


Nancy Chemaly  - 2nd  year - Parent

Julie Corbett - 2nd year - Parent

Julie Silvers - 2nd year - Parent

Rafael Cruz - 1st year - Parent

Jennifer DeLuca - 1st Year - Parent


Dev Alhuwalia - 1st year - Senior Student

Rachel Nguyen - 2nd year - Junior Student

Taylor Ford - 1st year - Sophomore Student

Rachel Eizner - 2nd year - At-Large Student

Zaid Fattah - 2nd year - At-Large Student


Empty Positions: English Representative, PE Representative, VAPA Representative


Voting - all members get one vote each except the Chair, Principal, and Parliamentarian.

Elections for all currently empty and second year positions will be held in April of 2021.  Announcements will be put in the bulletin, Schoolloop News, and in Schoolloop emails.